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How to Opt Pacific

1. Fletchers: Nominate your own Contractor

We have a good working relationship with Fletchers EQR and as a preference; we encourage our clients to work with us within the Fletchers framework if possible.


The benefits include a more streamlined process for handling variations to the original scope and also getting works orders accepted to proceed with repairs. In addition there is greater support within the hub to assist with accommodation purposes and organizing movers (if deemed necessary).


The disadvantages is that the job file waits in the pile until your job gets to the top of the pile and you receive a call from Fletchers. This means that it could be weeks, months or potentially years before your file gets called up. The other disadvantage is not being able to complete private works in conjunction with the earthquake repairs. They must be completed separately.


Simply wait until you receive a call from Fletchers EQR wanting to book a ‘scope’ appointment with you and another contractor (selected at random by EQR). At this point you will tell them in the conversation that you wish to nominate “Pacific Décor Limited” to do the repair work, rather than a random contractor. Fletcher EQR are well aware of this process and will put your claim/file through to the appropriate person (hub). Fletchers will then book an appointment with yourself, a Fletcher EQR Supervisor and a representative from our company to attend the ‘scoping’ appointment. There is nothing else you need to worry about at that point.

2. EQC Opt-Out: Direct with Contractor

When you Opt-Out of the program, the homeowner (you) become the key project manager for the job in the eyes of EQC. Therefore there is a greater responsibility on the homeowner to ensure they get what they want. However when you Opt for Pacific, we act as an intermediary so can advise and act on your behalf. Typically the homeowner is more in the loop when it comes to the price of the repair. In an Opt-Out scenario, Pacific’s quote and invoices get sent to the homeowner who forwards them to EQC who then pay the bill. 


The benefits include greater freedom to dictate the time when your repairs take place. You can also elect to have private works take place in conjunction with the earthquake works. Pacific Décor can give you a quotation for any works you would like completed. You become a key manager in the repairs.


There can be more correspondence involved when liaising with EQC. There is not quite the same level of support offered compared with Fletcher EQR. 


Call 0800 DAMAGE (EQC) and tell them you wish to OPT-OUT. They will organize a time to visit your property and meet you and your selected contractor (Pacific Décor), you will have to let us know. We will scope the job with you and an EQC representative to confirm the scope of works and identify any extras. The rest of the process works very similar to the Fletchers process however we are dealing direct with EQC rather than via Fletcher EQR. 

If you are thinking about one of the above options for your property, please let our office know that you intend to nominate us so we can load your details on file n.b. this doesn’t commit you to going with us.

Still have a few questions?? We would be happy to have a face to face meeting with you and our project management team, feel free to let us know and we can meet you on site at your property (or at our offices if you prefer) and we can explain more of the process and what we have to offer.


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